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Eliminating white space

Question asked by Melinda on Jan 30, 2010
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Eliminating white space


Mac OS X, FM 9 over a shared network, beginner-intermediate skillset here...


I have a text document in a layout with mulitiple merge fields, and in some cases many of the merge fields are left empty --  this leaves a considerable amount of white space in the document.  We have a contract with one client, for example, to run several courses, but the number of courses varies between clients...  so our document has enough sets of merge fields to accomodate the maximum number of courses a client might contract.  The problem is that when a set of merge fileds are unused in the document, I get whitespace. I tried to give a VERY basic example below:



Course 1





Course 2









Contract Payables

Other conditions


In this particular case, the space between then Course 2 instructor and Contract payables, is where the merge fields for Course 3 are in the layout, leaving white space in the document.  I want to eliminate the white space -- is this possible?


As always, your help is appreciated!