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      Need help, I am using FM10 pro adv. (pc vista)


      I currently have several layouts with multiple email buttons on each layout. How can I have one master signature section that all the emails (when created) would pull from?


      Thanks in advance....

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          Howdy PCB,

          Thanks for the post.


          As many have said on this board, and I concur, there is little that FMP can't do.


          Could you give a bit more info as to what a "master signature section" might be and how you want it to work?


          Thanks for the help!

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            Thanks for your reply.


            The master signature section... what I ment was just the signature section of the email that would carry over to any email you created regardless of Layout. You see, i have several layouts (each with there own fields) and if I want to change my signature, I have to edit each email button, and thats a lot.


            Your thoughts....

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              Howdy PCB,


              I'm not sure if you clicked "Solved" by accident or if you've figured out a working solution on your own.  Just in case...


              If you put a global field in each layout with your signature section, would that accomplish what you're after?  That way you'd change one once and they'd all change.  This way you could even have a "signature" layout that you could restrict if needed.  You may need to edit each email button one more time to add the global in, or perhaps not depending on how you're putting together your email.


              Is this an direct solution, or would it not work in your email assembly processes?

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                I did hit the Solved button by accident.


                I am not sure about the "Global Field" how does that work?

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                  Howdy PCB,


                  You would create a new field in your table called "Signature" and set it up as text or containor as appropriate.  Under Storage, you would click Global Storage.  Global storage is a way to store the same thing in this field across all records in the table.  If I'm not mistaken, this is what you would want for an email signature.


                  Now put this "Signature " field in your email layouts.  When you change the signature on one layout, they would all change since it's the same field in all the layouts and for all the records.


                  One particular thing about global storage, is that it is per session...not per database.  If you are working through a server with multiple users, you apparently have to change the global field from the host.  TSGal has described this in other posts about global fields here on the forum and did a better job at explaining it than I could.  If this applies to your situation, you'll want to find out more about setting the globals from the host so that they stick around for your future use.


                  Does this help, or was I confusing?

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                       Thank you so much.... That did the trick!!!!
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                      New Issue.... still about emails.


                      When I email all the clients in a found set (say 25) I have to hit the ENTER key each time (25x).

                      Just so you will know, each time I hit the ENTER key, its dumps the email into Microsoft Outlook.


                      Do you know how or a way to send all the emails to the entire found set with out hitting the send key each time?

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                        Thank you for the post.


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                        In the future, when you have a new issue, please create a new thread.  Other users may not scroll to the end of the thread, and therefore think that all of the posts relate to the same issue.


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                        I am not familiar with Microsoft Outlook, but in your "Send Mail" script step, put a check mark in the option "Perform without dialog".  This will send the information to Microsoft Outlook without any interfering dialog box from FileMaker Pro.



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