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      I am new to Filemaker Pro, having trouble with sending email.

      Given that my ISPN limits email to fewer than 100 per send, 500 per hour, and less than 1.5 mg per email, I want to have Filemaker Pro organize the email function to batches, and perhaps if I am really lucky, send those batches out in one hour increments.  Can one do that?  How?

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          You need a script. If you have FM Server you can set scripts to run as cron jobs would. With FM Pro, you would have to trigger the script, as far as I know.

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            You could set the script up in a loop that



              Send batch of email

              Pause/Resume [Specify Hour interval in seconds here]

              Exit Loop if [check to see if all email has been sent]

            End loop.


            This is just a general outline. There's a lot of detail missing that depends on the structure of your database and what exactly you need to do with it.


            You'll also need to make sure you have things configured correctly so that filemaker can send out the email in the first place. I haven't had to do that, have noted some threads here where others have needed help setting this up.