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      I have a run-time in FMPA 10, running on XP.  I have a database of users that I want to send an email to everyone.  I selected a sub-set (found set) of four users.  The first time I ran it from the layout for which the only field is a global with the email body message.  Only ran the first user. 


      I omitted that user and from the list-layout I selected to send email.  Again, only the first user of the list was sent.  Do I need to write a script to send to a found set?  Using a run-time I can't just write a script.

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          I'm a novice, but I'll post a comment anyway, 'cause everyone has been so helpful to me:


          At the top of the 'send mail' dialogue, there is the option to 'send one email using data from the current record' or '(multiple emails) one for each record in a found set.


          Maybe clicking the second option will help you, then you can specify the field that contains the email address.


          If this works, you'll be the first person I've helped in this forum!  (good luck!)



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            Doh, it is always something so simple.