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      I am using filemaker pro 11,  Mac user

      How do I email a single letter to one email address within the file maker program.  Currently I email PDFs out of my print program. Is there a better way to do this task?



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          Send Mail can send email directly from FileMaker if you have a compatible Email client program installed. Look up Send Mail in FileMaker help to see a list of what's compatible. (the v3 updater added MS Outlook for mac users and won't be listed here.) You can also use an SMTP server.

          Save as PDF can generate a PDF of your current layout and there's an option that auomatically brings it up as an attachment for your email client so can investigate those options to see if they work for you.

          All of these options can be used with scripts in order to automate all or part of the process.

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            I have come to this situation as well. OSX (snow leopard). FM Help says Mac Mail or MS Entourage are compatible.

            I have mac Mail installed, but it is not my default program.  Send Mail (FM) does not open Mail (Mac) but instead gives an error message about running the installer. Which makes it look as if there is some setting needed within FM.

            I could live with Mail to send, but thinking of trying an apple script for Postbox. Any thoughts?

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              If you have updated to 11v3, you can also use MS Outlook as the v3 updater specifically added that client, but they didn't update the help file to tell you that.

              I haven't touched Applescript in years and do not currently have a Mac so can offer you little info on that last question.