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      Hello All ...

       IM useing FMpro10.. I need to know how to allow my users to send me feed back via email in file maker ..

      I have a run time and I want to add a layout so users can send me feedback ..and it email it to me with in file maker.. Can this be done ? and if its scripted how do I write the script?

       Thank you...

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          In the send email script step you can specify the Send to, CC, subject, message body and an attached file.

          For your purpose you could predefine the send to as your email address, the subject as "Feedback" and the message body as a text field you set up for the user to fill in, say Feedback -make it a global text field and place it on a layout where they can type into that field and click a button that runs your send mail script.

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            how would the script read to send out email?

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              The script could just be a one liner.  When you put in the send mail script, you can define all the attributes for the to, subject, etc

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                how can i script... get information from a layout edit box and insert it into the message field in the email automaticlly ..example ..

                on the feedback layout I have a text box where my users can leave feed back and when they hit submit it would take the text they typed from that text box and insert it to the message area in the email send which is located in a hidden layout and then it send..

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                  The box in which I let my users Type in a feed back ..does that need to a container field to be able to get that message to another layout because once they enter the text and it gets sent to or attached to an email will that container field clear itself so when someone else leaves feed back it want show what the last person put in?


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                    Go to scripts/manage scripts - then on the bottom of that box there should be a  button that says New, click that.  That will bring up a new script edit window.

                    Type the name of your script, say "email feedback"  Then click in the big window.  On the left there is a list of commands, scroll all the way to the bottom, in the Miscellaneous section you will find one called Send Mail.  Double click it and it will move over to the big window on the right.  Now select the Send Mail in the big window, below that big window there is a button that says "Specify"    When you click that button another dialog pops up and you can set the parameters for the email.  To the right of each of the Blocks for To:, Subject:, etc there is a button which gives you the option of specifying a field or a calculation.  For the To: you would always want the email to go to the same address so just type the address in the block.

                    For the sbject you could just enter "feedback" or define a calculation such as "Feedback from " & Get (username)

                    For the message body you would specify field name as the text field that the user types the feedback into. Then click OK.

                    If you don't want other users to see previous feedback entrees there are a couple of ways you could do it.  The simplest way would be to add one more step to this script that clears the feedback text field.  Just scroll back up in the commands on the left side to Editing and double click on clear.  Then over on the right side select the clear step,  check the Select entire contents and click the specify button to select your feedback text field.  This will erase the text that they have typed.

                    Another way would be to have a separate Feedback table and filter the visible records by user name.  That would allow users to see their own past comments but not others.

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                      Thank you Mark Gores ... Worked perfect ...