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           With this script I am able to email a photo that includes the field Data:Image1.  I also have a few other fields that are on the layout that I would like to send as on the layout... such as Data:Style Name  This field shows up in the subject area of the email when using the email client.  I would like to display the Style Name field and a couple of others underneath the image just like on the layout.


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               And what prevents you from doing this?

               If you save as PDF from a layout that contains both container field and these additional data fields, you should get what you need here.

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                 When the Send Mail step opens up the e-mail client everything looks perfect.  When I receive the email, the attached file shows that it's a jpg. even though the Save Records as PDF step has run.  When I try to open the attachment I get an error message saying the file can't be opened because "It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize."  I'm stuck.

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                   figured it out.... thank you