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email a layout

Question asked by PaulJones_1 on Feb 7, 2014
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email a layout


     Hello I'm using the estimates layout and it has a script for email the estimate.

     I have copied this and made a purchase order layout that fills in the purchase order on another layout.

     I wanted then to send this ONE purchase order but for some reason it send them all.

     Below is my script and to be honest I'm really new to the dark arts of scripts hence trying to copy and paste:-)

     can you tell me whats wrong please.

     many thanks for your help in advance .



     I have tried the same script on a new layout for GAS Certs inserting gas certs and Gas IDPK in relevant areas and it works to a degree it lists the correct email name and address but will only copy the first PDF not the relevant one to this customer.

     The IDPK which I'm also using as the certificate number is inserted in the email header but the wrong pdf is showing in the mail.

     Both seem related as they are related on the same script .