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Email a merged letter to multiple recipients.

Question asked by NickChristie on May 10, 2015
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Email a merged letter to multiple recipients.


Hello everybody!

I have a question as a newbie to the forum:

I have a properly merged letter for multiple recipients. When i try to e-mail it, it works great and open for every contact the proper merged mail body and also sends it to the proper e-mail address.

But there is a catch here: Because i have many recipients, the mail client also open many windows (one per contact ) to complete the "send mail" script step. And that is a problem.

So the obvious question is... well obvious: How can i combine all those bunch of mail windows to ONE and by the same time, every recipient (as a CC or BCC ) gets the properly merged letter? IF it's possible of course...

Because its really annoying for the user who wants to send some hundreds merged emails to experience his desktop full of mail windows and by the same time clicking in each and everyone of them to Send it.

Thank you very much in advance.