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    email blast



      email blast


      can someone help me with directions on how to setup and send an email blast via email client usingf filemaker?

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             Take a look at the Send Mail script step.
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               Questions that spring to mind...
            Windows or Mac?
            Version of Filemaker?
            Number of emails to send?
            Conditional email formatting or a generic email to multiple reciepants?
            Sending how often? Once?
            Does your email provider allow that many emails at a time?
            Are simple text emails adequate?
            HTML emails are pretty easy to send with the online promotion services...

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              Just to add a couple observations from FMP9.  I created a little runtime to do a single email to a group.  I created/developed on Mac.  Testing it running FMP9, I had 10 email addresses.  It quickly and smoothly sent them all out.  I opened on XP to bind.  When I copied it to XP at work, we loaded 499 names/email addresses.  Clicking send, it started to go through Exchange Server using Outlook.  We had to confirm each of the 499 that a "virus" was not taking control of the email. 


              Would using FMPA10's option for SMTP email eliminate that problem?  Or will it happen again.  I want to re-do my applet to do more email blast to our vendor groups.  But instead of working with 499, I will have about 3500 addresses to send emails to.