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    email blast from contacts database



      email blast from contacts database


           I’d heard that it takes some very complex scripting to set up mass emails directly from FMPadvanced.

           So far, in my test database, I simply have a button with send mail script: send mail [send via e-mail client; to: “myself”; BCC: Contacts::Work_email], which was super easy and works great. However, this database will be shared by several users in a large organization (i.e. using an email application with strict spam filter) who need to send email blasts need to hundreds of people? I heard it’s better to use SMPT server instead (see attached screen shot for the settings and script I’m using), but FMP crashes when I try to run the script, it must be wrong somehow.

           But in general would that the way to send out high volume email blasts? Or is there a complicated script involved (I have very little experience in scripting)?

           Many thanks!


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               The process on FileMaker's end need not be complicated, but it can depend on your email server and ISP provider. Many have limits on the number of outgoing emails that can be sent in one go and thus you have select a way to work around that limitation. There's something out there named "mailchimp" that you may want to research as I've heard of FileMaker developers that have used it with FileMaker.

               You can also get around the limitations set by the server or ISP in some cases, by setting up a script that sends the email out in a series of smaller batches.

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                 I wrote a simple send email script to a found set.  I wrote and tested it on my MacBook Air.  My test was with 10 email addresses.  It worked as I hoped.  I converted it to a Windows Runtime and copied it to a co-worker's Window machine. 

                 The problem was that Outlook that a spamming event was going on.  A message to that happened after each email, requiring a clicking on OK to continue.  For a 500 email blast, it took 500 mouse clicks.  

                 I have since learned there is a utility to simulate the "mouse click".  A YES-TO-ALL click would have been nice from Outlook.  

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                   I just googled integration of filemaker and mail chimp and also integration of filemaker and constant contact, and although there are some good step-by-step guides, this all is way above my head. I think I'll need to recommend hiring a certified developer to my client. Can I ask this forum for recommendations in the Boston area, or is that not appropriate?

                   Can I circle back and just ask what was wrong with my settings to send mail using SMTP server (see above screen shot)? Or maybe this is something I need to take up with my client's IT department. I'd just like to a have a better understanding of the task from the Filemaker side, before I talk to the network guys...

                   Thanks again.




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                Hey, Franzi- I'm interested in the FM Chimp integration for my team's database, and was curious if you'd eventually pursued this option. Can you share which direction you chose, and how it's working for you?