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email blast from contacts database

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on Aug 18, 2014
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email blast from contacts database


     I’d heard that it takes some very complex scripting to set up mass emails directly from FMPadvanced.

     So far, in my test database, I simply have a button with send mail script: send mail [send via e-mail client; to: “myself”; BCC: Contacts::Work_email], which was super easy and works great. However, this database will be shared by several users in a large organization (i.e. using an email application with strict spam filter) who need to send email blasts need to hundreds of people? I heard it’s better to use SMPT server instead (see attached screen shot for the settings and script I’m using), but FMP crashes when I try to run the script, it must be wrong somehow.

     But in general would that the way to send out high volume email blasts? Or is there a complicated script involved (I have very little experience in scripting)?

     Many thanks!