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    email body adding portal fields



      email body adding portal fields


      Having problems with pulling related data into email body from portal records.

      So far have all fields from main table in email and looks fine.  Trying to line up using List() for fields from portal. Results look like following:


      Invest Date               Invest Amount             Project


      8/15/2005                 1350000

      622931           Ridge at Orchard Hills


      How do I get the data fields to line up across under the headers and include all data even if data is same as record 1.  It should look like:

      Invest Date               Invest Amount             Project

      6/16/2005                  1350000                  Ridge at Orchard Hills

      8/15/2005                    622931                  Ridge at Orchard Hills


      My code is following:

      "¶¶"  & "Invest Date            Invest Amount                Project " & "¶"  & List( IRG Invest Amounts::INVEST_DT)  &  "       "  & List( IRG Invest Amounts::INVAMT)  & "           "& List(IRG LLC::LLC_DESC)


      Yes, I will be attempting to format the invest amount.  One step at a time.

      Thanks in advance for your help with my problem.

      Phyllis McGihon

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          Hi Phyllis

          As you have found, the List function can only operate on a single field. So what you will need to do is to concatenate the data you want in the IRG Invest Amounts table, and then use the List function to grab that data for each related record.


          So you may have a calculation field in the IRG Invest Amounts table called date_amount_project that is:


           INVEST_DT  &  "       "  & IRG Invest Amounts::INVAMT  & "           " & IRG LLC::LLC_DESC


          And then your calculation becomes:


           "¶¶"  & "Invest Date            Invest Amount                Project " & "¶"  & List( IRG Invest Amounts::date_amount_project)


          Does that make sense? 

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            Thanks for the help.  Worked exactly as you said.  Now am looking for help

            with formatting the invest amt with 2 decimal places, dollar sign, and thousand

            separators.  Will see if I can find in the forum.

            Thanks again.