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    Email button



      Email button


      I need to create a form that needs to be emailed when filled. Two things: How do I create a button that when clicked, emails the form? How do I (if I can) configure it to go to multiple recipients?

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          Without acquiring an email plug in, FileMaker can only send plain text emails, but your script can generate a PDF, then attach the PDF to the email.

          Thus, you'll first need to decide which email option to use:

          1. Create a plain text version of the completed form in the email body
          2. Send the completed form as an attached PDF
          3. Use an Email Plug in.


          That decision will determine how to set up the script to email the form so we need to know that before we can go further.

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            Well I am open to suggestions. I don't think I want the option to send as an attachment. But can I use both options, the plugin and the attachment option?

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              The options and implementation details for using a plug in will be different with each email plug in. You'll need to web search for filemaker plug ins and research their options to learn how to use them.

              With the attachment option, you can use a script like this:

              Set Variable [$Path ; Value: "file:" & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & "YourFileName.PDF"]
              Save Records as PDF [No dialog ; "$Path" ; //specify other options as needed for your specific form here]
              Send Mail [//select email client or SMTP ; no dialog; "$Path" ; // specify other options as needed ]

              parameter swhere you see // are where there is one possible option and you have to select the option that's right for your needes.