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    Email button problem



      Email button problem


           Here's my Mac question - When I create a [Mail To] button in version FM Pro 11 or my newly installed 12, I get this message when I try to click the button: 
           "Some of the files that are needed are either damaged or have not been installed. 
           Please run the installer to correct this problem." 
           Considering I JUST freshly installed a new copy of v12 Pro a week ago, this shouldn't be a problem. I had the same problem in v11 Pro. Anyone know what's up?
           I just want to be able to click a button next to (or on) an email address in my database and have an pre-addressed email message open in my mail client, ready to type.
           Thanks, folks!

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               The missing or damaged files are not FileMaker files. They are files associated with your default email client program. Your first step will be to make sure that your default email program is compatible with FileMaker. You can look up Email in FileMaker help to see if your email program is compatible with FileMaker.