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Question asked by DataMangler on Apr 15, 2011
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I am new to Filemaker Pro and setting up databases and all that go with it.

I am a extremely proficient computer user however. i have a audio/video editing business that is al digital.

My question is this:

My wife asked to setup business with a database and email campaign before she opens June 1st. I could pay someone to do it but that adds to start up costs.

I setup a basic contact list and newsletter for the store opening. Its simple but it will be the beginning of it evolving.

When I hit send it pulls up my .MAC account on my laptop. And 30 individual emails pop up and I have to hit send for each one. Is there a way that it will do this function without having to hit send for each one?

And when I use the email for the business account in their web provider will I run into the sme thing?

I am just trying to get it up and running before they open.

I have looked at the knowledge base and a few PDF's from the FileMaker website.

Does anyone know where step by step instructions are to walk me through the mail preferences and how I can streamline the output or sending emails?

Sorry for the long rambling issue but I figured Id at least ask.

Thanks in advance if anyone responds