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      I am new to Filemaker Pro and setting up databases and all that go with it.

      I am a extremely proficient computer user however. i have a audio/video editing business that is al digital.

      My question is this:

      My wife asked to setup business with a database and email campaign before she opens June 1st. I could pay someone to do it but that adds to start up costs.

      I setup a basic contact list and newsletter for the store opening. Its simple but it will be the beginning of it evolving.

      When I hit send it pulls up my .MAC account on my laptop. And 30 individual emails pop up and I have to hit send for each one. Is there a way that it will do this function without having to hit send for each one?

      And when I use the email for the business account in their web provider will I run into the sme thing?

      I am just trying to get it up and running before they open.

      I have looked at the knowledge base and a few PDF's from the FileMaker website.

      Does anyone know where step by step instructions are to walk me through the mail preferences and how I can streamline the output or sending emails?

      Sorry for the long rambling issue but I figured Id at least ask.

      Thanks in advance if anyone responds

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          what version of Filmaker are you using?

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              Maybe I can simplify my question

              When I send out a Email campaign how do I do it without having to send the 30 or so emails individually when I use my .MAC account and when I setup the stores email. Wiull I have to send out say 100 individual emails by pressing send for each one? Is there a way to send it and have it sent to all recipients with one click?

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                Did you try using the "multiple recipients (one for each record in found set)" option?

                Do you have all of these email addresses in separate records so that you can use this option?

                You can also load all the email addresses into a single list separated by either , or ; (use what is compatible with your program). to send one email to multiple recipients. I'd offer more help on this subject but am not sufficiently familiar with your email client software to suggest what to check. You shouldn't need to click send for each email like this.

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                  Where would I find Multiple Recipients option? Or found set?

                  I have a test setup of three individual contacts all in a group. make sense?

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                    Where would I find Multiple Recipients option?

                    In the send mail dialog, theres a radio button at the top of the dialog where you can select this option.

                    Or found set?

                    In FileMaker, the records you can access on a given layout are organized into two groups: the found set and all other records in the underlying table, sometimes called the "omitted" records. When you enter find mode, type in some criteria, and perform a find, the records pulled up by this query form the new found set for your records. The records that do not match make up the "omitted" records.

                    If you've workded with other database systems, you may find it helpful to think of the "found set" as the layouts "record set" as they are more or less the same thing.

                    There are other options in the records menu such as "Show All Records" that can also change what records make up your found set.

                    I have a test setup of three individual contacts all in a group. make sense?

                    I'd need to know what you mean by a "group". Are you using the email campaigne starter solution for this or a file of your own creation?

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                      I have not worked with any data bases before 


                      I am using a starter solution.

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                        Let me put my steps I did and see if this helps.

                        I am just setting up the database to get up and running, once its effective I will add more content.

                        I used a starter solution. I picked email campaign.

                        First I set up a Campaign then I set up two contacts then I added them to a group. Then I created a Template that was simple. 

                        I hit the button to send and it uses my .MAC account an creates two emails to send that I have to hit send individually. I looked everywhere to see how to do this without having to hit send both times.

                        In the future I will not be using my .MAC account I will set up my wifes store with whatever email they will be using. I just want to create everything now in advance and when they open its all created for them.

                        Will I have to hit send with every individual contact in a campaign?

                        If they use their website hosting email program will I run into the same issue as my >MAC account?

                        Thanks for all the help everyone who has responded

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                          The mail application, .MAC I am using will not do what I need it to do.

                          When I use the business starter email campaign, it behaves and does everything I will need to get up and running. 

                          Is there a way when you hit send that all the recipients can have mail sent to them with one click?

                          If you had 300 contacts you are sending to will you have to hit send for every single one of them?