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    Email Campaign Management


      Email Campaign Management


      I am a very part-time / beginner user of Filemaker Pro 11.   Also heavily pregnant and suffering from baby brain.  I would like to send a marketing campaign to 400 odd contacts on one of my databases.  Is there a limit to how many contacts one should include on any one campaign mail out?  Also, I have tested sending an attachment on a mail out to my email address plus my colleague's. On my email address the jpeg image arrives as an attachment to be opened (which we don't want) and on the other email address the jpeg image arrives as an image in the main body of text (which we definitely want)....any ideas on how we can guarantee the image always arriving in main body of text?

      Please help!  


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          Without using a plug in FileMaker only sends images as an attachment. If a recipient saw the image inside the body of their email, that was a nice feature of their email program.

          The number of emails you can send in one go depend on your email server's settings. You may need to consult with them to determine the limits as many of them have anti-spam settings specifically set up to limit how many addresses you can send to.

          There are a number of email plug ins you may want to investigate to see if one will offer the features you want.

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            Thank you very much!  And so speedy too...