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    Email Campaign Management ASAP!!!



      Email Campaign Management ASAP!!!


      I am using email campaign management and when I want to add a contact to my campaign page, the contacts do not show up? (But when I click on add a group, my groups do show up?) I do not know what is wrong with my script? Right now my scrip for add a contact is:


      Perform Script =>Pause => Specify=> Add contact or group as recipient => Optional Script parameter =>"contacts"


      Please help!


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          Thank you for your post.


          I do not see a "Campaign" layout in the Email Campaign Management file, so I'll assume you added that layout.  If it is anything like the Record Detail Campaigns layout, make sure your script is taking you to a layout that has the "Contacts" fields present.  Otherwise, you will be adding records to the "Campaigns" table.



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            It seems i have a similar problem. I have imported contacts from an excell file and they all show in the contacts list.

            When i want to select contacts to the campaign they do not show up.

            But when i manually add an address to the list that one will show up when i select it as a recipient.


            Any ideas ?


            Thanks in advance, Frank

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              Your contacts need a serial number that's not part of your imported data. If you import the data while enabling auto-enter features, filemaker will assign a contact ID serial number to each imported contact.

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                I too am having a very similar problem and have yet worked out how to fix it.

                If anyone has worked out what is wrong with it and how to fix it it would be much appreciated.