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Email Campaign Manager - Does Not Send Messages

Question asked by sailmtry_1 on Oct 8, 2009
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Email Campaign Manager - Does Not Send Messages


Hi,I'm attempting to use the free Email Campaign Manager to send out about 300 or so emails to my clients updating them on some recent changes to my service offerings and address.OK.. here's my issues. When I create a template (the email message), then add my contacts, and press send -- the email campaign manager creates all the individual emails in SEPARATE windows. In other words, it doesn't put them my outbox, to be sent automatically. Therefore, I have click on each email's "send button" before my email client will send them. I might as well cut and paste!I'm running FMP 9 on a Mac, Snow Leopard, using Apple Mail.Conversely, I can send a group of contacts an email that gets automatically sent (through Apple Mail) if I use the email function in the menu File/Send email within my FMP DB (NOT using the Email Campaign Manager). But creating a message through that method is a scripting nightmare.


Does anyone have a solution?Thanks...