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    Email Campaign Problem



      Email Campaign Problem


       Hi everyone, I'm new here. I use FMPro 7 and I downloaded the Business Productivity Kit and tried to use the Email Marketing Campaign but I have a major problem: Reading the PDF whitepaper instructions and looking at the layouts I have....they look nothing alike. There are no tabs, no buttons, and there's no real explanation of how the fields work, how to enter information and if there is a field it's hidden behind other fields. It's really screwy. Anyone have any ideas as to why this kit looks nothing like the documentation? Thanks in advance!

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          Did any information released with the BPK indicate that it would or wouldn not work with FileMaker 7?

          There have been a lot of changes since FileMaker 7 was released. While the file format is the same, scripts and other features may not work in every case and the menus have changed--along with putting the status area across the top of the window instead of down the left hand side.