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Email Client

Question asked by RichardChambers on Oct 19, 2011


Email Client


I need to send emails to multiple addresses for a sailing club.   This works very well with Windows Mail or Outlook Express.   The FM database has a send mail option.   This sends a mail note to all the members of a found set, and uses the default mail client.

I want other Committee Members to start sending their own mail, but if they have Office Outlook 2010 as a default client, then it asks for permission to send for every addressee.   In earlier versions, this could be switched off.   This is usually about 300 members so is not a good solution. 

My question is: How can I choose which Mail Client to use for 'send mail' rather than using the default?   I have set up different user a/cs on their laptops but this is really only a workaround.   Neither is the SMTP option.

Thanks, Richard

FM11 Pro Adv