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Email Container Field Contents as Attachment

Question asked by SydneyBlock on Aug 21, 2014
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Email Container Field Contents as Attachment


     So I have included a container field into my layout that lets the user upload any file type of their choice into the field. Once they hit submit to commit the record, it sends an email to management to let them know which user has made an entry and a few pieces of data as basically a snap shot of what the record contains.

     I want to add into my script/email message calculation a way to get the container field contents as an attachment to the email. I've tried a couple different methods, but nothing is working.

     Here are the details:

     -The field contents are stored externally(The database is functioning on FileMaker Server)

     -The email is set up using an SMTP Server

     Message Calculation:

     "Hello!"&¶&"You have a new potential staff applicant submitted by"& " " & Staff Applicants::CreatedBy & " created on" & " " &Get(CurrentDate) & "."&¶
     &"Name:"& " "&Staff Applicants::First&" "&Staff Applicants::Last&¶
     &"Phone Number: "&Staff Applicants::PrimaryPhone&¶
     &"Email: "&Staff Applicants::Email&¶
     &"Desired Position: "&Staff Applicants::DesiredPosition&¶
     &"Date Available: "&Staff Applicants::DateAvailable&¶&¶&
     "Here is "&Staff Applicants::CreatedBy&"'s reccomendation/comments:"&¶& Staff Applicants::Recommendation&¶&¶&
     "To view this submission, please log in to your FileMaker profile and search by today's date."



     What I was guessing I needed to do was set a variable so that I get the file path. Then in the email menu, select attach file, and cite the file path variable. Although, when I did this, when the email sent, it had no attachment.