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    Email containers



      Email containers


      Hi, is it possible to have a button that you can set to click and add an image pulled from a container on a given record (or records? to an email). I have only got a way to add text, it would be great to add an image and text at the same time if possible... thanks!

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          Using FileMaker's built in Send Mail tool, you could only export the container field contents to the temporary folder and send it with your email as an attachment--and you are limited to one such attachment to an email. To embed graphics into a document and email it, you'd have to set up a layout for that with the container fields on the layout where you went them in that document, save a PDF of that layout and then email the PDF as an attachment.

          To do more than that requires finding an email plug in that can do what you want.

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            Without a plugin you can't even send any HTML - so no 'signature', even.