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Email contents of multiple container fields

Question asked by revmk on Sep 1, 2010
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Email contents of multiple container fields


Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can help. 

I have the following setup; 2 tables (table 1 'tbl_detail' with a one to many relationship to table 2 'tbl_scans').  The first table accepts details of a service and the second holds scanned records viewable on a layout (based on table 1) in a sublayout.  This seems to work OK. 

However I need a way to take all the information from table 1, with the related information in table 2, and email it.

How would be best to achive this? 

I have tried an export field routine without sucess due to the relationship and multiple files.  I was hoping it could all be combined into one table/file and exported in a single entity.