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    Email DB as part of Related Contact DB



      Email DB as part of Related Contact DB




      Hoping someone can help me...



      We have a contact DB with lots of active clients.  We would like to be able to reduce email redundancy ( rewriting and cutting & pasting content) by clicking on a drop down box that contains the names of emails templates stored in a Related table called Email.  Our Main contact DB is Called Contact Manager.  Ideally the users would click on a drop down box called Email Subject and select which email to send to the customer, and then simply click a button and the email is sent out via the users client email - like Apple Mail for example.

      I've associated the related fields from one table to another.  In the Email DB we have EmailSubject, EmailDiscription and EmailBoddy. In the Contact Manager I have corresponding fields with relationships.  So for instance, ContactManager::EmailSubject = Email::EmailSubject, as well as ContactManager::EmailBody = Email::EmailBody.  So EmailSubject in the Email DB can be displayed in a drop down box within the Contact Manager DB - That part works.  However the associated EmailBody for that EmailSubject record does not appear once a send email button is clicked. 

      For example in the Email Template DB

      Record 1: EmailSubject1 corresponds to Emailbody1

      Record 2: EmailSubject2 -->  EmailBody2  

      Record 3: EmailSubject3 --> EmailBody3


      By the user clicking on EmailSubject2 they should get the contents of EmailBody2 to be used for the outgoing email to be sent.  In this case the EmailBody2 is not connecting to the Contact DB.  I can't even get it to display in a text field. to test.  

      On a positive note, the button to create the email via Apple Mail works great.  We have Email address, Subject but no body.  See screen shot

      Thanks in advance for you kind assistance!!!