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    Email documents with merge fields



      Email documents with merge fields



      I have a health practice and recently upgraded to FM11 from FM9. I would like to email clients a reminder of their first appointment with details (the date and time of the appointment, the name of the clinician they will see) and BCC a copy to the specific clinician. I can create exactly what I want within a layout, including the practice logo; however, when I use the 'send mail' script function it creates a bare-bones email that doesn't permit any of that.

      How can I include the contents of a layout within an email or create an email that reflects all that client-specific information?



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          Use a calculation to combine info such as a client's name and appointment informaiton with the text that makes up your message.

          Click the arrow button to the right of the Body text box in the Send Mail dialog and build an expression like this:

          "Dear " & PatientTable::SalutationField & ",¶¶This is just a friendly reminder that you have an appointment with " & Doctor::DoctorName & " on " & Appointment::AppDate & " at " & Appointment::AppTime & "."

          and so on. (Of course, use your table and field names in place of mine.)

          Once you get the hang of this, you may want to try using a calculated approach that uses the subsitute function to insert data in place of "tag" text that is part of a message template. That's a more sophisticated approach that can give you the option to select from different message templates and also allows users to create/modify their own message templates without having to redesign a calculation like the above expression.

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            Thanks Phil. I've got that working and will explore the substitute function.

            Do you consult?? I've been looking for someone who can help me with some basic tutoring. I'm a quick study, so it shouldn't take much time. I just learn much better person to person than by picking my way through help files. Please email me back so we can talk further about this

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              Yeah I consult, that's why the folder in my avatar icon is labeled "Caulkins Consulting". Wink

              Click my icon to send me a private message and we'll take that discussion off line.