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email follow-ups

Question asked by m10muhammad on Jul 7, 2010
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email follow-ups


i would appreciate it if someone can help me in accomplishing the following task:

the area of my database specific to this issue is the customer offer system, whereby a customer in our Contact table can offer us machines of a certain make/model/age for a specific price. i have set up a script that allows us to check if an offered machine is still available to us (i.e. it will email the related Contact with the information regarding the offered machine and will ask him to confirm if the machine is still available).

what i want to do is set up a follow-up system whereby as soon as the email is sent via an Email Client (in this case, Apple Mail), a dialog pops up on Filemaker asking if i would like to schedule a follow-up. if i select 'No', then nothing happens, but if i choose 'Yes', i would have the option of choosing a period of time (e.g. 3 days, 5 days, 1 week, etc.), after which i will have an appointment on my calendar client regarding this customer/machine. 

for example, i would send an email on July 7 to John Doe asking if his machine Gumball 2000 is still available for $45000. after sending the email, a dialog box would pop up asking if i would like to schedule a follow-up. i would select Yes, and then enter '3 days' in the Date option field. then, in my calendar client (e.g. iCal), i would have an appointment on July 10 entitled 'Follow-up with John Doe re:Gumball 2000".

please advise how i can accomplish this task. thanks.