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Email form data

Question asked by Wayne1 on Mar 12, 2010
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Email form data


Howdy All,


I have done extensive searches on the Forum, but can't seem to find an answer to my problem.


What I want to do is install a "stand alone" version of a timesheet data base that I have created on each employee's machine (12 staff).  We have four offices across the country.


In theory, what I want to have happen is, once they have filled out the form, they click a "send" button which sends the current record to a line manager for approval, then he/she sends the record (once approved) to the admin team for processing.


All of the fields are repeating (14 repeats), and there are three that have drop down list options.


I have used the Send Mail script and can send the email to the intended recipient, but there is no data attached.


The "Create One email using data from the current record" button is checked.


Is what I want to do even possible, and if so HOW !!!!!


BTW, I am using FMP10.0v3 Advanced on Vista Business (64 bit)



Thank you in advance.




Wayne T