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Email form results

Question asked by JohnParker on Apr 14, 2015
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Email form results


Hey there...

I have an Employee database the I have created and everything is working well, but I need some help on the last step.

Initially, HR fills out their requisite info and then clicks HR Complete

Then an email is sent to the manager that was selected by HR when they filled out the form.

The Manager then fills out their requisite info and clicks Manager Complete.

At that point I get the email that the employee is ready to be put into the system. So I do all of my stuff and when I have completed all of the employee on boarding, I click on IT Complete.

At this point, I have an email set to notify HR and the Manager that the employee is in the system and ready to go.

Here's where I get foggy. I want the final email that comes from me after I have completed setup to have a summary of all employee info including checked checkbox entries from the employee record.


What is the best way to tackle this?