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    Email full record associated with email address?



      Email full record associated with email address?



      I would like to email a record associated with a contact email.

      e.g. in the Event Management template, I would like to email the event record (or parts of it) to the contact(s) associated with the event.

      When I try to modify the event script, the body of the email message only seems to accept one field 

      Script entry: Send Mail [Send via E-mail client; To: Contacts::Email Address with Name]

      {by the way, how do you copy text from the script window??}


      When I try and add anything in the 'Message' box, I can only place one field or text, but not both and not two fields...


      On a similar note, using the Business Productivity kit, I have been trying to email the record in Projects associated with a contact in the email campaign, but there doesn't seem to be a way to place that record in the email body.


      Any thoughts?





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          Hi there Dave and welcome to the forum


          The following may answer both your questions.


          Are you inputting the field name by selecting "Specify Field Name..." in the Send Mail Options dialog?


          If so, instead select "Specify Calculation..." and in the Specify Calculation dialog input your email body along the lines of:


          "¶¶Here are details of your task.
          ¶¶Name: " & Events::Event Name &
          "¶Date: " & Events::Event Date &
          "¶Location: " & Events::Location Name &


          And you can setup the To: field the same way, but with this calculation


          Substitute ( List ( events_eventscontacts_Contacts::Email ) ; "¶" ; " , " )


          This will concatenate all the email addresses you are sending to, separated with a comma.


          Let me know if any of the above needs additional explanation, or if you have any other question.