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Email full record associated with email address?

Question asked by daveslc on Jan 26, 2009
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Email full record associated with email address?



I would like to email a record associated with a contact email.

e.g. in the Event Management template, I would like to email the event record (or parts of it) to the contact(s) associated with the event.

When I try to modify the event script, the body of the email message only seems to accept one field 

Script entry: Send Mail [Send via E-mail client; To: Contacts::Email Address with Name]

{by the way, how do you copy text from the script window??}


When I try and add anything in the 'Message' box, I can only place one field or text, but not both and not two fields...


On a similar note, using the Business Productivity kit, I have been trying to email the record in Projects associated with a contact in the email campaign, but there doesn't seem to be a way to place that record in the email body.


Any thoughts?