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Email function paralyzes Filemaker 11

Question asked by R12GS on Apr 28, 2015
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Email function paralyzes Filemaker 11


I have a script that composes an email (to the customer), the user can review the email and make changes etc.  Often upon reading this email (that has been composed by a script) the user wants to go back to Filemaker and investigate other issues in the database (to provide best customer service).  Then revise the email accordingly prior to sending.  But upon creating the email (via users email client), Filemaker becomes inactive in the background.  The user cannot do any further Filemaker research until hitting the "send" button, or closing the email.

The user would like to use Filemaker to further refine the email (to the customer) and then send the email.

Is there a way to have Filemaker compose the email (in the email client), but have Filemaker active in the foreground ?