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    Email Help



      Email Help


      Hi Everyone, 

      Our company is using FM 13 and running FMServer 13 and my boss wants to have an email feature of some sort that when a button is clicked it will send an email with an attachment.

      I have done something already that sends an email with the attachment but in the body of the email, my boss wants to have the information of what jobs are active and who are the personnel in that job to show automatically in the body of the email.  My current script is only showing 1 record and the other records are not showing.

      How can I have all the information to appear in the body of the email?

      Thank you guys in advance!

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          On the one hand, you mention an attachment, but then describe inserting data into the body of your email. Which do you want?

          And how is the data you want to include in the body of the email set up in tables and relationships?

          There are a number of calculations that you can use to pull plain text into the body of the Send Mail dialog from multiple records.

          And a PDF can be saved and then attached to the email--but only one such attachment per email.

          And there are plug ins that offer more email options than is possible with send mail...