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email in outlook using plain text problem.

Question asked by fluffyone on May 23, 2011
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email in outlook using plain text problem.


Hi group 
I am running an email shot from filemaker pro10 which sends each email out via microsoft outlook and it all runs well, apart from a web link I have is being split onto two lines when sending so that when it gets the other end the link won't follow correctly as only part of it is hyperlinked?
the link sent is: 
and what arrives is:


This is because the format in outlook is sent as plain text, if I set it as html or rich text then it is sent ok. The only problem is I don't know how to set the text format via filemaker?

Basically  filemaker sends each email to outlook which all looks ok and then it loops around gets the next record and then back to outlook and it loops until the list is finished.

I am able to adjust each one but this is a pain when sending a lot of emails. I need to somehow set the text as html or rich text automatically.

 Any help?

Regards  Fluffy