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Email inventory descriptions to clients

Question asked by JaniceWoods on Jul 22, 2011
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Email inventory descriptions to clients



I own an antique shop and am using Filemaker Pro for inventory descriptions, using a database that i created.  I use a Mac OS X.

When clients need information about a particular item, i like to email this information to them regarding this particular item.

When i try to email using Filemaker, the "Send Mail" window appears.  The message appears as "inventory".  How can i change this to include my inventory description?

I have Microsoft Outlook 2011 on my computer which contains all of my contacts.  Address book on my Mac also contacts all of my contacts.  Would it be easier to connect Filemaker with one of these programs to send emails?  Is this possible?

Thank you, i appreciate all and any help as this is my first time creating a database!