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    Email inventory descriptions to clients



      Email inventory descriptions to clients



      I own an antique shop and am using Filemaker Pro for inventory descriptions, using a database that i created.  I use a Mac OS X.

      When clients need information about a particular item, i like to email this information to them regarding this particular item.

      When i try to email using Filemaker, the "Send Mail" window appears.  The message appears as "inventory".  How can i change this to include my inventory description?

      I have Microsoft Outlook 2011 on my computer which contains all of my contacts.  Address book on my Mac also contacts all of my contacts.  Would it be easier to connect Filemaker with one of these programs to send emails?  Is this possible?

      Thank you, i appreciate all and any help as this is my first time creating a database! 


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          Send Mail will use your installed email client to send out mail, but it can't extract the email addresses from it. Those addresses would need to be stored in a table in your database.

          When you open the Send Mail Dialog, you can click the arrow button to the right of the message box to get an option that allows you to use an calculation to produce the text included in the message body. Thus, if you can create a calculated expression that includes a reference to the inventory description field to include the contents of that field in your email.

          Since you likely have a table of contact information and a table of your inventory information, I cant' give you an exact example of how you might do this as the terms depend on the structure of your database and what method you have used to select and inventory record so that it's description can be included in your email.

          Also, it makes a difference whether you are doing this by hand by selecting Send | Mail from the File menu or running a script that will do the Send Mail for you.

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            I do not have my contacts imported into Filemaker.  What would be the best way to do this in order to be able to send out emails?

            Will is synch with another application i have that contains my contacts or do i have to manually input my contacts?

            Also, when i set the calculation for what i want to appear in the inventory email, it does not leave spaces between fields so it is all just one big run one sentence.  Is there anyway to put each field on a new line so they may be separated?

            Thank you for your help. 

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              I'm a windows user so I'm not sure if there's a way to extract the email addresses from the email program on your mac system or not. If you can export them as a text file then you can import that text into a table in your database.

              To put spaces between fields: Field1 & " " & Field2 & " " & field3

              To put returns between fields: Field1 & ¶ & Field2  & ¶

              Or your can use the list function: List ( Field1 ; field2 ; field3 )