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Email issue and scroll wheel.

Question asked by jennetravers on Jan 28, 2010
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Email issue and scroll wheel.



I am using Filemaker Pro 10 with Windows XP. 


I work in a medical billing office and I was given the task of creating a database to keep track of patients and their information and run reports, but also the manager would like for the team to be able to send an email out which contains certain information from the database. We would have to be able to send out an email drawing a few things from the patients record, along with a form letter letting the doctor know the patient’s status. The old database the team was using had been set up so all you would have to do is select the doctor’s name from a drop down list, click an ‘Email’ button and the email would pop up with all the information, ready to send out. I have tried to replicate this in the Filemaker database, but it is not working the same way, because the information is not showing up in the email. I have read a little about calculations and i’m thinking that might be the way to go, however I have never done anything like it before. Additionally, does anyone have a solution for the mouse scroll wheel – the way it goes through the records when you try to scroll down a page? 


 I have not had much training with Filemaker, but I catch on quickly, and I really appreciate any help that is offered. Also, please excuse me if I have worded something incorrectly.