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Email list of contacts in portal.

Question asked by fluffyone on Mar 22, 2010
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Email list of contacts in portal.


Hi Group


I have made a couple of posts on this but wonder if I am explaining myself right as I have not had a reply, I have spent a load of time trying things out but just can't get what I want and it seems so simple (but frustrating).


I have a layout to send emails from, I create the email subject field and the email body text on the layout. I have a portal at the top that lists related Contacts with their contact emails and their first name. and this displays correctly.


What I want to do is to send the email as set out on the layout to all the related contacts so each email is personalized with their name. But I can't figure out how to send many emails from the form so that they are individual.

I can send them as one email with all the addresses in the to: box on the email, but this is not personalized and it also creates other issues. So I would rather send them as individual Emails.


Can any one help me?