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    Email merge



      Email merge


      New to FM.  Wanting to send email merge.  Two questions:

      1.  Can a field from the DB be inserted into the message text?  How?

      2.  Can all the emails be sent at once without having to click send each time in the dialog box?  I'm using Outlook Express as the email client.


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          Welcome to the forum, AndrewPSS!


          - In ScriptMaker, choose 'Send Mail'.

          - This will allow you to specify what data to include in the message body (and other stuff).

          - You can also select the option to 'Perform without dialogue', so it will send 'silently'.

          - You may want to make a loop in your script that goes to the first record, generates the e-mail message, sends it, goes to the second record, generates the e-mail, etc.




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               Alan, thanks much, creating the email script was easy.  I can't figure out how to insert a field name in the text of the message.  When I click the field name in there, it deletes the message....  Your suggestion will be appreciated!  Thx, Andrew
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              When you set the "text of the message" you have three options:


              1. Specify field name...

              2. Specify calculation...

              3. Insert text from file... 


              All accessed from the arrow button to the right of the message area.


              What you want to do is to specify a calculation. This gives you access to the calculation engine and you can construct something like:


              "Dear " & firstname & ",¶" & 

              "How are you? I see that you have enrolled in the " & enrolcoursename & " course on " & coursedate & ".¶" &

              "I look forward to meeting you in " & courselocation & ".¶" &

              "David Head" 


              See how you can string together text with fields? 

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                David, thanks so much for taking the time to explain this and the syntax - works perfectly!  I had been using ACT but hated it - very tempermental.  I actually still use the original version of FM1 on an old Mac, so this is very different.  I appreciate your help and the ability to go to these forums.

                Regards from the top of the world!


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                  Thanks for the info - I am now able to perform a email merge, almost  - after each record that goes to outlook a security blocker comes up and asks me to Allow or Deny or Help - the help does not work - how do I great a digital signal of filemaker pro so the software (outlook/windows) recognizes the software and allows it to use the outlook email without asking permission? Thanks for your help,


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                    How to write a loop for all the contact record in the database?

                    All I know is if ( i < maximum ) , but how to determine the maximum?

                    I appreciate the assistance and comments.

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                      Basically this is what I would do...

                      Go to Layout ["LayoutName" (databasename/tablename)]

                      Show All Records

                      Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


                      Instrucctions that you want to do for each record.....


                      Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

                      End Loop

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