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Email merge

Question asked by Oscar Scudder on Mar 14, 2010
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Email merge


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In students I can send emails using the mailit plugin. I can merge text from student in to the message body but I can not get The course info to merge in to the message body. I Have other scripts just like this one but they run on If and Else If And they insert text from Student and they work great but when When I made this thinking that this would work the same all I get is this inserted <<Offering Title>> not what is actually in the field from course schedule. 


Here is what I am doing

if[Get (ActiveFieldName) = "g_contact_email_text"]

  If[Get(ScriptParameter) = "Offering Title"]

Insert Text[Prefs_contact_id_consant::g_contact_email_text;"<<Offering Title>>"]





Offering is coming from Course Schedule


Students::Student ID = Student Register::StudentID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//

Course Schedule::CourseID = Student Register::CourseID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//

Course Schedule::ClassID = Classes::ClassID