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    Email merge

    Oscar Scudder


      Email merge


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      In students I can send emails using the mailit plugin. I can merge text from student in to the message body but I can not get The course info to merge in to the message body. I Have other scripts just like this one but they run on If and Else If And they insert text from Student and they work great but when When I made this thinking that this would work the same all I get is this inserted <<Offering Title>> not what is actually in the field from course schedule. 


      Here is what I am doing

      if[Get (ActiveFieldName) = "g_contact_email_text"]

        If[Get(ScriptParameter) = "Offering Title"]

      Insert Text[Prefs_contact_id_consant::g_contact_email_text;"<<Offering Title>>"]





      Offering is coming from Course Schedule


      Students::Student ID = Student Register::StudentID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//

      Course Schedule::CourseID = Student Register::CourseID //enable "Allow creation of records..." for Student Register here//

      Course Schedule::ClassID = Classes::ClassID




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          Have you tried putting the actual field of OfferingTitle into the place where you have "Offering Title"?

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            Oscar Scudder

            Yes but it does not show up in the email.

            what I am tiring to do is insert the text in to a field that is labeled body which is the body of the email

            I am using the same if statement for inserting name of the person in to the body but when I try to do the Offering title it does not work. All that shows up is the parameter <<Offering Title>>

            And I am trying to find out why or if I am doing some thing wrong because it coming further away then the student table

            Course schedule is two TO away


            Just to see if offer title would actually show  in the email layout I put the field in there and the course shows up

            But I can't insert it with the script like I do for there name and address