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    Email merge



      Email merge


           I have been using Excel to store membership details of a small society. I email out an annual subscription request by using the email button in Word mailmerge. I either send out to all members or a selection of members. I have converted the excel file to Filemaker and created a form with merged fields but cannot find a way of emailing each form to individual members. What I would like to do is simply select those members who I wish to email a request to, hit a button and each member to receive their own personalised subscription request.

           Simple guidance for a newbie to Filemaker would be appreciated.

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               Unless you acquire an Email plug in that offers more options, you have these two using the send mail menu option or script step:

               1) Save a PDF of your form and email it as an attachment to your recipients.

               2) Use calculations to reproduce your form in plain text in the body of the email. This second option is only possible for very simple "forms" so it probably is not possible.

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                 Thanks, can an email plugin that would do what I describe be suggested please. Each person needs to be sent a personalised email - containing same fields extracted from a FM form which will contain different values for different people.

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                   You can create a calculation field which will contain all custom data for each member, create a found set of all members whom an email'll be sent, create a loop where individual emails will be sent.

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                     Ok, sounds like it can be done without an email plugin then. Just need to research on and understand about calculations, loops etc. 11 days left of my 30 day trial so better get at it.

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                       It depends on how you need to present that "information extracted from a form" to the email recipient. If you can do it with plain text or as an attached PDF, you can do it without a plug in. If not, you'll need to research plugins to see what they have to offer.