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    Email merge fields



      Email merge fields


           I understand how to create a layout or report containing values from merged fields, save it as a pdf, and attach it to an email.

           My question is, can the content be put into the body of an email instead of attaching it as a pdf? If so, where can I find instructions?

           Jim Cooper

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               You can put plain text data in the body of your email, but this data will not be from how you design a layout. You can set up a calculation that combines data from any number of fields in your database to produce such a report.

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                 OK, I have that working, and I fear that your answer is complete when you said "plain text"

                 But, is there any way to do text formating? I created a calculated field "welcome_text" and it does appear in the email message with the desired other field values, but really plain.


                 Jim C

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                   You can do text formatting if you acquire an email plug in that offers this capability.

                   Using Send Mail the only "formatting" possible is that of changing the actual characters used such as using the Upper function to make some of the text appear in ALL CAPS. Color changes, style changes such as Bold, italic... are not supported by Send Mail.

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                     A plugin, that will be a new experiences. I think I will try Mailit. There art lots of plug and lists of plugs, but I didn't much in the way of comparative information.

                     jim c