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    Email Message



      Email Message


      I am trying to include a field in an email message.


      eg,  "Thank-you for viewing Rob" Where "thank-you for viewing" is the text and "Rob" is from the field.



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          When you select File | Send Mail, you get a dialog box for composing your email. There are buttons with black arrows to the right of each edit box. If you click one of these buttons you get the Specify calculation dialog box where you can combine literal text with the contents of text fields.


          Click the button to the right of the Message box and enter:


          "Thank you for viewing " & Yourtable::YourNameField


          Where YourNameField is the name of the field containing "Rob".


          Note:  You get the same dialog boxes when you add the Send Mail step to a script.

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            That works great... Thanks


            I was using the "and" command not "&"