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Email Module

Question asked by antno43 on Dec 15, 2008
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Email Module


Has anyone tried to use the latest BPS - Business Solutions sample modules?

I have been able to recreate all five modules with modest success for our association. However, I am having major difficulty in getting the EMAIL module to work correctly.


Firstly it should be noted that I have tried this with both MS Outlook 2008 and MS Outlook Express 2000, neither of which has been successful, with multiple emails.


The following doesn't seem to want to pay attention for me:


Multiple emails

  1. although I have created a group of email recipients and have selected that group which appears under the recipients tab, only one email address (from that group) appears in the To: field when pressing send
  2. i have checked and rechecked the script provided and am unable to get a positive outcome

Should anyone be able to assist I would be glad to show them the script to get it working. It is too big to publish on this forum.


Thank you