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Email Notification Script Ideas

Question asked by Terri on Oct 13, 2011
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Email Notification Script Ideas



I know how to send email notifications via script but I need to brainstorm the best way to handle this request.

We use FMPro 10 primarily for scheduling. My team has requested that they receive an email when a record has reached a certain milestone on the schedule. For example, if the final proof is due today - send them an email. My first thought was to have a script trigger set up when the program is opened. However, there are 10 people who have FM and they go into the program independently - and sometimes they go into the program, close it to work on other things, then open it again. Each time this happens, they would get an email. Then I thought maybe I would set up a button that triggers the email notification, but if someone is not here daily to push this button, emails will not be sent for those days.

I'm trying to figure out the least manual process to do this and make sure only one email is sent each day. Your thoughts?