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Email Notifications/Alerts

Question asked by DanielGordon on Jul 28, 2011
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Email Notifications/Alerts



I am looking into the best way to flag any work that is pending with a deadline approaching.

I have a table that has a deadline field and a payment field, ideally I want to flag any deadlines that are approaching maybe with a 5 day grace and the payment field empty(also the option for this to be repeated on a daily basis leading up to the deadline).

I will have 18 different users so am looking into the best way of displaying the notification, all records will have a user name field too if that helps?

Is it possible for each user to log in and receive their own notifications based on the username field?

Alternatively we have a generic email address that all users have access to. An automatic email could be sent to this address showing the company name and the deadline?

I am unsure of the best way to create an alert/notification to suit our needs.

I am using filemaker 11.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.