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    Email Notify Solution



      Email Notify Solution


      Hello Everyone,

      I have a solution with a conditional formatting to show a red color if the date is past today's date is there a way to have a pop up or an email to generate when the date is past today's date?

      Thanks In Advance!!!

      Happy Holidays!!

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          Yes there is.

          You have two issues to handle: 1) a regular check that finds the records where you want the email send or the message popped up. 2) a way to mark these records so that the message doesn't keep getting popped up or emailed after the first time it is found and processed.

          You can set File Options to run a script each time your file is opened. This script can perform a find and then pop up a message and or send an email for each record found. The script can then set a value (such as today's date) in a field so that the next time the script runs the record is no longer found and thus the messages/emails don't keep happening for the same record.

          If your file remains open on the client machine 24/7, you could use Install Timer to trigger a script every 24 hours or so.

          Your script can check account names and/or privilege set names if you only want check performed for certain users.