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Email pdf files from Remote on Filemaker Network not working

Question asked by sundown on Jun 20, 2013
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Email pdf files from Remote on Filemaker Network not working


     I am now able to email pdf files from my iMac that has the host FM files on it. I use the following generic functions I found on another discussion in my email script:


Set Variable [ $FileName ; Value: "Invoice.pdf" ]

Save Records as PDF [ Restore; No dialog ; "$FileName" ;Current record ]

Set Variable [ $PDFPath ; Value: Get (DocumentsPath) & $FileName ]

Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client ; No dialog; To: "" ; Subject: "Invoice" ; Message: "Test" ; "$FileName" ]

 While testing, I am sending the pdf file to my own email address. Running the script from the Host FM  file on my iMac & checking my mail on the iMac & macbook, all is well. The email is received with the attachment. I also get one of the   pdf files (not all) in the folder where the FM file is located. 

      I  then go to my macbookpro & open this database file on the Filemaker Network from the remote network. When I send a pdf file from the remote FM file, the email does NOT have the attachment.

     The attachment seems to only work correctly from the host computer & not from the remote network file. Do you know what is happening? I don't understand the $PDFPath variable and had to use the $FileName in the Send Mail function to get the attachment to work in the host iMac computer. I assume I don't have configured right.

     I have the host FM files on my iMac in a desktop folder called "Filemaker Files". Any help on how to configure the $PDFPath to get the pdf attachment to work from a Remote file?