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    Email PDF Stored In Container



      Email PDF Stored In Container



           I have a "Quotes" database where we quote our customers on various equipment.  I am using the "Save Records As PDF" in  a script to save current record and the "Create Email with File As Attachment" option so we can email the quote to our customers as a pdf file.  

           I have also setup a container field to store the PDF brochure for each various piece of equipment . I want to be able to send the pdf that is in the container field along with the quote at the same time.

           Can this be done?  I don't know how to incorporate the PDF contents of the container field into the email.

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               You have two problems:

               1) Send Mail can only attach a single file to a given email. Since you are already attaching one email, you cannot attach a second file to the same email when using Send Mail.

               2) You cannot attach a file stored in a container field.

               Both problems can be solved however.

               First, you can use Export Field Contents to export the brochure PDF to a specified directory on your computer similar to using Save As PDF.

               Second, you can Use Save As PDF in a script to append one PDF file to the end of another, so you can export your brochure PDF, then append your "Quote" PDF to the end of the brochure. If you can use Save As PDF to create your Brochure PDF, you can turn this around so that the Quote is on the first page of the PDF and the brochure comes after.

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                 Thank you so much!  I will give it a go.

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                   I did it and it works perfectly from the PC however, from the ipad you only get the quote without the brochure.  For some reason it doesn't append.

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                     This feature does not work from FM Go. You'll need to use an alternative method such as sending two emails or including a hyperlink to a web published version of your brochure (and this may not be a clickable link in FileMaker, it may require that the user either copy and paste into their URL box or to select and right-click it to navigate to that web page.)

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                       Understood.  I configured two scripts to send as two separate emails.  Works great.  Thanks again