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    Email Photo



      Email Photo


      I have a simple photo catalog that uses a container field to hold an image. In the same layout i have several other fields, including a part number field. I am new to scripting and was wondering if there was a way for me to create a button (already done) that would trigger a script which would create an email using the client's email program (PC Outlook Exchange / Mac MacMail), and would put the part number in the subject line, and would attach the picture held in the container field to the email.


      Thank you for your help.



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          Your script would include the Send Mail script step which has places for an email field, the subject line, the body of the email, and an attachment. It will send all of it to your email client software with or without dialog.


          To organize the photo and related information in a nice presentation, you may need to use a plugin such as SMTPit Pro which is capable of sending an inline layout.


          If you are using Filemaker Pro 10, you can send it all directly from Filemaker using the SMTP option.

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            Thanks TECman, everything seems okay - I went through the Send Mail script earlier, but seemed to run into difficulty when I selected Attach File (Specify). The script is asking me to provide a link to the file that I want to attach, however the image I want to attach is in a container called Picture.


            Basically, I just want a script that will create an email with the part number of the current record, and the image in the container for the current record.


            Thanks again for taking the time to respond.