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email plain text preview of a one-page receipt

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Feb 4, 2013
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email plain text preview of a one-page receipt


     I need one of 2 solutions in a SCRIPT.  I have a report previewed that is a 1-page, plain text receipt and I want to email it.  I can either have the text as the body of the email, or save the report as a pdf and email the pdf as an attachment.  

     I'm developing on a Mac but it must run on Windows also and I'm not sure how some of those dialogs work.

     Can you get to the "Save as PDF" button on the tool bar (in Preview) in a script?  Or, is there just a straight forward way to email (1 receipent) the report.

     I've read several messages and none seem to really give a straight forward process for doing this.

     thanks for your help,


     FM Pro 12 Advanced