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    email Record in layout format



      email Record in layout format


           Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to Filemaker. I currently in my trial period and I'm trying to ensure this db meets my requirements. I've create 2 table one for client profiles and related table for invoices. I input date into the invoice cia a portal in the client profile layout. I like to create a confirmation button that when clicked, it automatical email a copy of the current record to the client in the invoice format. Can it be done and any tips???????????? Thank you for you help. 

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                HI Scott,

               You could do this by writing a script that will create a PDF of the layout you are viewing and then emnail that PDF to someone.

               The script can be as simple as

          Go to layout [ Layout for Printing ]
          Set Variable [ $FilePath ; Value: "filewin:" & Get ( DesktopPath ) & "Filename.pdf" ] [**or filemac:]
          Save Record as PDF [ Specify output file = $FilePath ]
          Send Mail [ Attach file option = $FilePath ]
          Go to layout [ Original Layout ]

               This should do the trick

               I hope this helps

               -- Orlando


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                 Instead of filewin or filemac, you can just use file: and then your script works on both platforms.