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    Email Reminders



      Email Reminders



           I am aware that this question has already been asked on these forums, but was wondering if anybody could assist me in creating a script that would send an email reminder 2 weeks before a certain date.

           I have attempted to use the advice already given out, but am having trouble in implementing it. As you will be able to see from the image provided, when I have tried to incorporate the 'Set Field' portion of the script I have not been able to input the semi-colon which I had been instructed to use.

           The correct scripting should be: Table::FieldName ; Get ( CurrentDate )

           However, this brings up the error message 'An operator is expected here'.

           Can anybody guide me in getting past this?


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               When Setting up Set Field, there are two Specify buttons that must be clicked. To get Set Field [Table::Field ; Expression], add set field to your script and click the first button (specify target field). Select Table::Field from the list of fields. Do not click the specify button next to the repetition box. Click OK to close this dialog box. Now click the lower specify button (calculated result) and create the expression to the right of the semicolon (;). Do not try to type in the semicolon.

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                 Thank you for your reply, this has answered a lot of questions! :)